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SPANISH: Summer and Fall 2019 Prices

A higher level of vocabulary and reading. For advanced classes, your teacher will speak more quickly to train your speaking, listening, and comprehension levels. Learn a high level of vocabulary!

The Programs Include:

Building vocabulary through the use of nonfictional material:

The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic. ​

Classes Include South American:               

  • Videos to improve listening

  • Fluency training

  • Audio comprehension skills

  • Collocations

  • Expressions

  • and Idioms​​​


You may also choose

  The Spanish Accent Course

  South American Accent​

  • The cost begins at $15.50 USD per class when you purchase a 1 month plan.

  • Schedule your FREE 1-Time Class Today! 


The Spanish Conversation Club meets 1 day per week.  It is a great time to exercise your speaking skills and to meet new people too.  Students enjoy this time to interact with each other in a comfortable and supportive environment online. There is a new subject each week to discuss, such as: family, food, books, movies, hobbies, work, goals and dreams, and current events. Students who join Group Chat often excel faster in their Spanish studies. This is a great plus to reach your language and life goals!

FREE:  Group Club is FREE when you purchase a Gold or Silver Plan.  


  1. Single Class purchases:  $17 USD per Intermediate and Advanced class

  2. GOLD - Intermediate and Advanced: $186 USD per month: 3 Classes per week + Group Club

  3. SILVER - Intermediate and Advanced: $128 USD per month: 2 Classes per week + Group Club